2018 …… A Time to Groove

Nolan, Kayla & Lilly, not only are you my greatest joy, but three people who just so happen to enjoy music as much as me.  May your 2018 airwaves be full of happiness.H-Fam-48

Today I watched the movie Begin Again… again and it reminded me of January 2015.  I landed in Australia on a new, unknown adventure and found myself a little lost trying to start a new year in the over achiever, goal oriented manner that makes me comfortable.  Feeling under the weather, I splurged on a movie and proceeded to watch it over and over. At one point the music and message inspired me to compose a New Year’s Blog post.

Fast forward three years and here I sit.  Words, better yet, thoughts fill my head (like visions of sugar plums, just kidding).  I challenge myself each year with setting sites for the upcoming 365 days.  Feats of purpose, new skills, and discovery are all items up for grabs.  Focusing on the positive is always a must and in 2015 I even veered off track to write myself a recipe for a successful year.

So where is my head for my 51st New Year?  Well, I have an idea on what I would like to achieve, complete with a formula (math and averages will help accomplish the goal). But today, I am not going to share my 2018 ambitions, no I have something better in mind.

Just like the movie Begin Again, music inspires my soul.  Being a believer in that your day is as good as the music that plays on your way to work, I find energy in generations of tunes.  If you don’t believe me ask Skyler, she sat across from me for years, and 6 am is a great time to turn the speakers up and take a “Smoke Break” or reflect on the “Record Year” you might be experiencing.

So here is my remedy to insure a smile on your face, an extra skip in your step and a perspective of this world that isn’t always so bright to help you discover the sun. Grab your device, get on Itunes, and construct the following playlist, hit repeat and if you aren’t dancing around your room then well, I give up!

2018 Playlist of Happiness

1 – Can’t Stop This Feeling – the one and only JT – Just Imagine. Hit play and I dare you to stop that feeling.

2 – Play That Song – Train –Train has been one of my true favorites and brings back many memories.  When the right song is played, it surely makes my day, so hey Mr. Dj when you gonna spin it?

3 – Come Fly With Me – My boy Frank Sinatra – Life is about experiences and nothing is better than a trip (anywhere).  I hope to fly to new and old places in 2018.

4 – God Only Knows  – Beach Boys – It has been a rough couple of months for the Central Coast of California.  The heartbreak you watch others experience remind you of the real gifts in your life, people.  Your family and friends are your everything, make sure they know it each and every day.

5 – Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters – Elton John – Every play list needs some Elton and a little whimsy.  Not the most upbeat song, yet I do thank the Lord that there are people out there like you.

6 – Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey – Never, ever, ever stop believing.  Dreams, beliefs and faith keep this ole planet circling the sun.

7 – All the Pretty Girls – Kenny Chesney – I have three special young ladies graduating this year from high school (Payton, Julia and Hannah). My wish is you go out and set this world on fire (I know Kenny sang that song too, but I like All the Pretty Girls more). Actually, it is a pretty cool tune too, feel free to add it to your playlist.

8 – That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars – Champagne on ice, need I say more and I dare you to listen and not find yourself moving.

9 – You Don’t Know How it Feels – Tom Petty – We never truly know what is it like to walk in anthers’ shoes.  Trust me the grass in hardly ever greener.

10 – Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest – There is nothing better than dancing in the moonlight.  Be it with others or alone, it gets your final steps in for the day and guarantees a good nights sleep.

11 – Still the Same – Sugarland – New song with a fabulous message. “I feel alive, and can we try, to leave it better than how it came, don’t be afraid to change, our love is still the same.” Face it not to many vocals are as powerful and unique as Jennifer Nettles.

12 – Do I Make You Wanna – Billy Currington – Basically I hope my little writing exercise made you ponder doing something daring, spontaneous, and delightful in 2018. Do I make you wanna?

I am so excited to see what 2018 has in store for me and “my” people.  And in the famous words of Dr. Seuss -“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


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