Hello world!


If my “fairy godmother” would appear and ask me what I would like to be more than anything, I would reply a writer.  But after starting numerous books throughout my life, I decided a blog might be a good spot for me to start my writing career.

Why “A little bit about a lot of things”.. well basically I think it describes me pretty well.  I know a little bit about a lot of things.  I am a college professor with a degree in agriculture economics.  I teach marketing and classes in fair management.  Yes, fair management.  As in your local agriculture fair that celebrates the achievements of your community.  I enjoy traveling and expensive shoes.  I am a 5th generation agriculturist who grew up on the central coast of California.  I am a mother of three teenagers who have participated in all kinds of activities.

So watch what happens next as my first post will be featured this weekend titled “Learn by Doing”


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