You Got A Friend In Me

You got troubles and I got ’em too
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
We stick together, we can see it through
‘Cause you’ve got a friend in me

Truth be told if I could be anything when I grow up it would be a writer. And although my blog is filled with words that are my thoughts, the idea of writing fictional stories dance around in my head like sugar plums on Christmas Eve. Few know of this dream and even less encourage my ambition of prose, yet there is one who yearns to read my first novel.

Yesterday was this very special person’s birthday. She is my biggest cheerleader, especially when it comes to my writing. Her continued requests for manuscripts is unyielding. Searching for that perfect gift I reflected of our almost five decades together. As her and I have traveled near and far, we have experienced food, fun and foolishness, that I just couldn’t capture in a wrapped package. So in honor of her, I thought the best gift was to spend some time writing.

I sit here on this rather rainy day and ponder on what to write. Although the date of my last blog posted does not reflect, I have began many topics in the past months. Yet never completing one to posting status. A second hand post from my past just wasn’t going to accomplish this special task. The birthday girl’s first idea for me when I started writing a blog was to explain how I managed to use rewards programs and points to subsidize my travels. But if you truly knew this Capricorn sister of mine, that topic really doesn’t capture enough for a birthday tribute blog. A short story, a day in the life, an adventure of Doris and Floris, just weren’t worthy themes, my quest was to find that timeless,yet simple truth that would not only celebrate the person, but capture the essence of Tisha Lynn Hammers Tucker.

I received a book over the holidays entitled So Audrey, 59 Ways to Put a Little Hepburn in Your Step. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, and who doesn’t enjoy a splash of color to brighten their day. Don’t even get me started on never underestimating the importance of beauty rest. Audrey ranks up there in all time classics and the more I thought about it so does Tisha. To celebrate her completion of one more time around the sun, here are ten tips to put a little more Tisha in your step!

1 – When life hands you lemons, grab paint, glue, pair of scissors and ribbon to transform into the centerpiece, champion wreath, parade float or craft of choice.

2 – Why wear rain boots, heels, slippers, or loafers, when a pair of flip flops can work for any occasion?

3 – Collect children, lots and lots of children, they don’t even have to be related to you or each other. The more children the better, allow them to come and go and by all means have great snack foods in a secret drawer.

4 – A fabulous glass of champagne is the perfect ending to each and every day.

5 – Love your family unconditionally, even when you want to strangle each and every member.

6 – Be the solution, always say yes to a task, and when the first two land you on the path of no return, laugh your way to the finish line.

7 – Develop the skill of ignoring all phone calls, text messages, emails and allow life to happen. A since of urgency and the need for instant gratification is highly over rated .

8 – Agriculture is God’s gift to each and every one of us, embrace a baby animal, smell freshly disk fields, and enjoy home grown gardens when given the chance.

9 – Be nostalgic. History and heritage are often taken for granted. Find the story in everyone you meet, trust me it is always worth learning.

10 – Your friends are your family!

Warning putting a little Tisha in your step might cause you long hours of work, wrinkles to form on your face from laughing to much, unending amounts of love to share and like the Grinch cause your heart to grow over night.  But any cue you can gain from her, would make that funny face of Audrey’s glow with a grin.

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  1. She was for sure good to my girls and I while living in a small town in Cali where we knew no one !! God bless her and her whole family ! We love her too and this was beautiful !!

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