Just Go to the Water

Thalassophile – (n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean.

In my new home, I have yet to install a traditional form to stream TV content.   Netflix and Amazon Prime are the go to sources for viewing entertainment.  But on Super Bowl Sunday, I was curious to watch Mr. Timberlake‘s half time performance.  The quest for live television became my afternoon mission. Considering my earlier blog regarding my monthly goals, I factored in accomplishing steps and consumption of water. Combine my latest discovery of purchasing Chart House gift cards on-line and earning points, and my destination was determined.

Sunset Cardiff Super Bowl Sunday

As I strolled down the hill and across 101, I marveled at how stunning the ocean was that Sunday afternoon. My mind began to ponder how ironic that without really trying, I ended up living within walking distance of my happy place. Now I don’t surf, actually I have very little need to venture out in the ocean past my ankles. But the beach and the sea are my prize winning superfecta of senses. Yes, I know there are five senses, but taste really doesn’t excel in these surrounding. The temperature of the water, the smell in the air, the feel of the sand on the bottom of your feet and finally the sound of the waves. Nothing is more calming or offer more clarity to my mind, heart and soul.

I arrived at my destination 2,640 steps later and found a couple of Eagle fans at the bar invested deeply in the second quarter. Otherwise the place was empty and the perfect ticket for my plan.  I ordered a glass of wine and ice water (by the way the bartender measured for me and a glass of water was 14 ounces). My JT pilgrimage was proving to be a great help in accomplishing my objectives.  As we waited for half time the sun began to set and I went outside to capture the image. One of the Eagle’s fan followed me outside with the same goal in mine. As we both stood there absorbing the moment, the calm sea and the tranquil opportunity, he looked over at me and said “when we need a life lift there is always one answer, just go to the water.”

Talk about an aha moment. A complete stranger basically stated in five words the mantra of my life. I wake up every morning, walk to my sliding glass door, open and look at the ocean and it makes me smile. Looking back over my life, my love as a little girl to go to the coast for fish and chips on Sundays. My fascination with Maui and playing in Kapalua Bay for hours. Why when I first moved down here I would go sit on the beach and wonder why I was so afraid to take this leap of faith. My place to find inspiration and answers is along the coast. My favorite night’s sleep is with the window open just to hear the waves crash all night long. (Yes it is true I once told Tisha I felt bad for the ocean as it never gets to rest, it is constantly moving in and out).

Talking Rocks

When my daughter and one of her friends and I walked on the beach one night this past summer, the tide was high and the ocean would roll in over the rocks and as it washed back out the rocks would rattle. I looked at them and said “Can you hear the rocks talking? I am sure it is a message.” I was answered by blank stares. But looking back maybe the shiny stones were trying to tell me the same thing, just go to the water and find your answers.

My frequent flyer miles have really diminished since my relocation and my trips to the airport don’t mirror the past 15 years. There are many reasons why this occurrence has taken place, but I believe the fact that I can stand on my balcony and see palm trees and the ocean, might just make the voice of Maui calling a little fainter.  I do miss the excitement and happiness of having a destination to look forward to in the future.  Plans for at least one real, relaxing, do nothing, Jacky “one activity a day” trip in 2018 needs to become a priority.

In this fast pace world where people focus on achieving success at work or being the perfect parent running around aiding their child in becoming yet another generation of stressed out, anxiety driven humans. Maybe we need to focus more on that gift that sucks the stress out of our bodies. The thing that puts your soul at ease and re-balances your mind and your heart. Maybe it is going to the garden or creating a masterpiece with your hands. From reading a good book to listening to your favorite tunes. Or is it going to the greens and allowing a little round ball to challenge you for 18 holes. Whatever it is, animal, vegetable or mineral, inside or outside, near or far, I say discover your “water” and just go to it!

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