To Be Happy or Not to Be Happy … Should there be a Question?


“A truly happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour” – anonymous greeting card
I have a common habit of getting in a “blue funk” right around the first of every year.  I am not sure what causes this emotional shift, but last year I decided to comfort the mood head on.  I had received an iPad for Christmas.  A gift from my children that I became engrossed with morning, noon and night.  With my new Kindle app downloaded I begin to search for books on happiness.
One of the key features I enjoy about on-line book shopping, is the ability to “sample” books before purchasing them outright.  After many failed attempts, I stumbled upon the new road map to my happiness. (Stumbled    Upon is another app I discovered but that is for another post).
When the search engine retuned “The Happiness Advantage” the Seven Principles of Positive Pshyscology by Shawn Archer my search for the wisdom of being happy was discovered.  Basically the concept is simple.  One needs to learn to be happy instead of waiting for some life changing moment to be happy.  For example we run around thinking that once we get that job promotion, loose 10 pounds, basically accomplish a goal we have set for ourselves then we will allow ourselves to be happy.  Instead the author urges us to find happiness daily and these many goals will come so much easier.  There are many other great concepts in this book, basically I urge all to read.
For 2012 I discovered a book called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  What I loved about this book is that it is set up by month.  I try to read a chapter per month and apply to my everyday life.
So why am I blogging about Happiness today?  Well September is embrace your passion month.  Anyone who knows me would tell you my dream job would be to be a writer.  So my challenge to myself and my three readers is….embrace your passion in the month of September.  Whether it is cooking or crafting, traveling or reading, or even a sporting activity..get out there and plan time in your schedule for your passion.
I am going to start writing a book.  And you my lucky readers are going to be my audience.  My plan (finger crossed) is to post each week 5,000 words of a book.  I know I’m dreaming big…but I find happiness in just the thought of writing a full sentence!  Heck I wrote 415 words in this post, what is another 4,500 🙂

3 thoughts on “To Be Happy or Not to Be Happy … Should there be a Question?

Add yours

  1. Good morning! 🙂 Thanks for posting.
    I am one of your 3 subscribers. I like your blog. I found it by it’s catchy title. You sound a little like me. I’m interested in food, wine, laughing and happiness! I enjoyed reading the Happiness Handbook. And positive psychology also.
    If you’re interested, check out for a virtual library, review books, discuss books, connect with friends.
    Don’t put pressure on yourself to write a set amount of words. There is a lot of advice on writing out there ( i was just reading about Richard Ford – author.)
    TTYL. Bye. Alex, from Sydney.

  2. Nice post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon everyday.
    It’s always exciting to read articles from other
    writers and use something from their web sites.

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