My Long Forgotten Blog..But Not Really

I have been very bad at writing in my blog and at times it deeply depresses me. I started this project over a year ago in hopes to train myself to write often. My ultimate goal is to write a book…….someday. My thought was if I can get in the routine of writing, bing bang boom before you know the infamous words of my bestselling novel would pour out onto the page like a rain storm in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Yet as one can easily view, I have not accomplished much in the last year.

As I celebrated the first day of 2013, in my usual Type A style, I graded my accomplishments of my 2012 goals and created a 2013 agenda. As expected my writing rated poorly in 2012 and made the top five of accomplishments for the coming year.

So what strategy will I employ for better success in the coming months? Well I have been pondering this very dilemma and came up with a new strategy. I love to read. I love to read for lack of a better word, “self-help books”. One novel I really enjoy is The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. There are many great lessons discovered in these pages, but for this example I am going to focus on “daily strokes of effort” as created through William James work. Basically it honors the old saying “practice makes perfect”.

The theory is to create the habit of doing something. Making an effort to do something daily, until it becomes second nature could be the key to my writing predicament. But I needed a simpler task than pen and paper. My solution was found in a piece of fruit.

I recently read that a healthy lifestyle should include eating an apple a day. I figured if I could get myself to consume an apple a day for 21 days, I could test the habit forming hypothesis. There were two reasons for this challenge. One it would require little effort and time and two how guilty could I be if I didn’t eat my apple.

Well I am over 21 days into this experiment. I will confess that I did not eat an apple every day, but there were few days I did skip. I also find myself thinking every afternoon that I need to go have my daily fruit snack. I might have just discovered how to take a bite out of my writing issues. Either way, both duties do nothing but better me as a person. And who can feel defeated about that!

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