Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole ….. Approaching Tasks from a New Perspective

Have you ever realized when you need to solve a problem, either big or small; it often helps to approach your thought process from a new vantage point?  Time and time again I find some of the biggest struggles I have had in life, were resolved once I stepped away from the issue and looked upon it in new light.  The ancient catch phrase of “trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole” is a trap we all fall into during our daily life. We are taught if we are given the proper tools and a proven plan of attack we should be able to come to a sound conclusion.  But once we walk away, clear our head and then approach from a new vantage point (a point that might not be proven or completely new), miraculously the clouds part, the sun shines through and we have the answer.

So where in the world am I heading today with this blog, well I am tackling the blog I posted a few weeks back.  One of my life goals is to write a book.  I have ALWAYS wanted to write a book.  And I thought to accomplish this task it would require me to get 50,000 – 75,000 words constructed into fictional story.  Come to find out, I was going about this all wrong.

During my time at the Content Marketing Conference (which by the way was amazing) I sat in on a seminar by accident that changed my perspective.  Not only was it by accident that I was in the seminar (I had the wrong room number), but the speaker scheduled cancelled at the last minute and we were greeted by Jim Kukral.  Jim has written a book titled “Write a F*$%’ing Book Already: The Insider’s Guide To Increasing Your Sales & Improving Your Career With A Book”.  At this moment I knew it was a sign from above and this was a message I needed to hear.

I was mesmerized by his presentation.  Jim pointed out that a book does not have to be 75,000 word fictional best seller. A book can be about anything you feel comfortable enough to write about.  And it needs to be only a fraction of the word count that I had been focusing on as a target.  Furthermore he suggested great ways to self-publish and tools to help the writing process.  But his message was simple and clear, write a book about what you know in a word processing program.  The end.

Could it really be that easy?  Have I been fighting this demon since college to only discover I was already full on countless books that just need to find the written form?  And the answer was “Yes”. So I have begun a new book titled the “ABC’s of Marketing… for Fairs and Festivals”.  It will focus on audience, branding and content.  I downloaded a trial version of Scrivener (a book writing helper) and I am happy to report I am well on my way.

September was the month to embrace your passion.  Little did I realize that I was holding onto my passion all wrong.  Once I released my grip and let it go, I finally discovered a way for my passion and I to truly cuddle.

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